Sperm Game 2 Game Android


Sperm Game 2 is a 2D shooter, You are SuperSperm in a race for reproduction. Use your weapons to destroy some creatures appearing in the race. Be careful along the way, you may run into some creatures that can dodge or destroy with your weapons.

Help to SuperSperm to Collect as many coins as you can in the journey and exchange them for inventory items. You get to be in the first position of the leaderboard and unlock all achievements.

There are two modes

  • SinglePlayer in which as you progress increasing difficulty. Will you be able to get 3 stars on every level?
  • Multiplayer, fight against other players in the race reproduction to see who comes to reach the egg


  • New levels
  • New Enemies
  • Change coins for inventory items
  • Collect coins for lives
  • Leaderboard and Achievements

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Adae Alfonso Cruz